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How To Make A Fairy Costume

How To Make A Fairy Costume

VideoJug shows you how to make a fairy costume with a do-it-yourself method and inexpensive materials such as organza, netting, feathers, ballet leotard and items you may have in your closet.

We are now going to show you how to make a perfect fairy costume. A fairy costume like this, you can hire from us, it's very Madonna-esque, it's very, very beautiful and someone spent thousands of hours making it magnificent. Our version is a do-it-yourself one, for fancy dress parties, fun and at home.

This is how you do it. To create something like this, which is very, very simple, it's two layers of organza. You take fabric like this, cut it, doesn't take long, you roll it on top and put it on an elasticated band and you end up with a skirt which looks like this or in this particular case, like this.

There you have the beginning of a fairy. The next section, which is the top, you simply get something like a dance leotard. This combination with the skirt is very, very cheap.

Organza is only about 2 pounds a meter. It costs you very little. You add on some feathers.

These go around the arms, the skirt, they can go by the wings. You can even make a fairy headband out of it. You can put around the skirt a sash and you will end up with a fabulous fairy.

Other ones we've made recently, once again, out of bits of organza all sewn together. We added here a little feather, all sorts of netting underneath, little bits of liquid lamae. Absolutely beautiful! It depends on how risqué you want to be.

Here is another little fairy, it's a tutu, you can buy these in most ballet shops, you can add these with some pumps you might have at home which are also fashionable at the moment. You will be perfectly alright. In a nutshell, this is how to make a perfect fairy outfit. .