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How To Make A Fake Beard

How To Make A Fake Beard

Whether you have kids to entertain or are looking for a quick solution to a costume party, this fun video will show you how to make a fake beard of your own. It is quick, easy and uses items easily found around the house.

Now, I'm going to show you how to make a fake beard. Now, this is a particularly good way of doing it if you got children and an itty place or something like that because it doesn't require any big makeup and can be done easily at home. If we look down, we can see what we need for that.

We need a pencil and pen, anything that will write on fabric really. We're going to need some string; this is the cheapest string I could find. This will be used to tie the beard actually on.

Then, I'm going to be using a dishcloth. This one is as white as I could find it. We're going to be drawing the pattern on to that.

Then we're going to need to cut that pattern out so I will be using a craft knife. You can, of course, use scissors. Don't forget if you are using a craft knife to always have a board; don't do it directly into your table.

And lastly, and of course this is optional, if you want to paint it, I'm just using normal children's paint and a cheap brush. So first of all, you got to decide what sort of beard shape you would like. We'll see how this one goes.

So, we'll have a full beard arrangement, so we need to make a hole for the mouth. Then, we're going to have a bit coming out there. We'll have a big round simple beard.

Obviously, it's up to you. If you want to make a more bad guy's mustache and beard, you might want to have a pointy shape. I'm just going to go with something more simple.

Okay, so now that we've got our outline done, don't forget you need to mark where you're going to have your holes for the string. Get that as equal as possible. Now, we're going to cut it.

So, lay out our shape here. Obviously, be very careful if you are using a craft knife like this. They will take the ends of fingers off with no problem at all.

If you are a child, please don't use these. Use scissors or just get your parents to do it for you. We're going to have to make sure it is nice and taut.

You don't want it to bunch up as you cut. Really hold it down hard. You can see this is nice and thin.

Don't need to rush too much, make sure you get the lines nice and straight. And now, it's time to get our string. Don't forget you need to measure it around your own head.

That's the best way to do that, work out from there. Once you've got your length, keep your finger there. Carefully chop away from you, like that.

Once you've tied one end of the string, pull the other length out, but don't tie it yet. Because the top of your head is obviously wider than your chin, so you'll need to be able to tighten otherwise you'll end up with it being too baggy. Then, once you've got it nice and centrally, you can then get your friend or someone to tie it for you or you can just twist it around and it will hold nice and steady.

If you did, of course, want to paint the thing, you can use any old paint. I wouldn't suggest paint it on your face normally, but a good coating will give you a black beard, any color you like. So, that is how to make a fake beard. .