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How To Make A Fake Scar

How To Make A Fake Scar

Professional make-up artist Sarah Alam shows you how to make a realistic looking scar. With some spirit gum, scar wax, grease paint and a metal dental tool, you can create a wound ready for stage or screen.

I'm going to tell you how to make a fake scar. First of all, you'll need some spirit gum. This a general glue that we use in theatrical performances, and it's used to stick on hair, and it's used to stick on the lace of wigs or prosthetic pieces.

So, you need to just paint a thin line where you're going to do your scar. You need to leave spirit gum to go tacky, so it does take a few minutes. So, in the meantime, I'm going to get some scar wax.

This one's Ben Nye, but different companies do different brands. You need to get a little bit of scar wax. Roll it in your finger to warm it up.

Test if that's tacky, yes. And we use spirit gum so that the actual wound or the scar won't fall off of the actor if you're in the theatre. So, I'm using this metal tool which is dental tool.

And you can also use these plastic tools that you can get from craft shops very cheaply under a pound. Literally, just scrape this on very thin layer. So, I'm going to use my grease pallet again.

This is a Krylolan Supracolor make-up pallet. It's got all the different colour grease paints inside. I'm going to use the burgundy red colour.

What I'm going to do is just highlight the outside of the scar very, very gently, not putting a lot of colour on. And that's how you create a scar.