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How To Make A Family Collage

How To Make A Family Collage

This video talks about how to make a family collage

Hi. My name is Nick Malone and I'm an artist based in London and I run classes for beginners here at the studio. You can always contact us here at our studio at www.

londonartclasses.com and there's also a link to londonartclasses.com on the internet website.

We're going to have a look at creating a family collage. Family collage might relate to general families or it might relate to your own family and what you could do perhaps is just have a general image of a happy family that you want on a page and then build it up from there. Images that are particularly important to what you think happy families are about.

So these are just general images of families that you can just put together but more probably you are going to want to create a collage relating to your own family. Now remember with collages you can use all sorts of images and that means that you put together materials that are special to you. So for instance my guess is you probably have a bunch of family snaps that you really want to put in and what you can do is you can either arrange these photos, maybe that family trip or that particular party anyway that you find attractive or you can cut out different elements and stick them together.

But as well as that, you might add things that are especially important that are part of your family. As well as those special photos from your family album maybe you want to put together bits of things which for you represent things. Maybe your special parrot that is always occupying your place in the lounge and you have that feather and you know what it means and that adds together something which for you remains special to set up in your living room or whatever.