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How To Make A Fast Paper Airplane

How To Make A Fast Paper Airplane

This video is all about how to make paper airplanes. Kids will love to try this in their free time. It is very interesting and it's making best use of your free time.

Hi, this is how to make a fast paper airplane. Take an A4 sheet paper and fold it half, then fold this corner end once, then fold it again, turn it over and repeat on the other side. And finally, you fold the wings down.

Now, you can actually modify the plain little bit to look little bit more interesting. You can take some scissors and just snip by one inch at the end and lift it up to get small tail, and that's what helps in fly straighter, hopefully. And if you want to cut little bit of tail fins, snip in down here, and this will help the plane fly up or down.

You want to curl it up, normally, so it goes upwards. Okay, and now, this is your paper airplane. .