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How To Make A Feathered Hair Ornament

How To Make A Feathered Hair Ornament

This film from Video Jug shows us how to make a feathered hair ornament with just a few very simple tools. Looks like a lot of fun. Imagine being able to design and make your own hair ornaments instead of buying them already made.

How To Make A Feathered Hair Ornament

Hi I'm Janie Lawson and I'm a milliner. I run the Glam Hatters Tea Parties. Today I'm going to
be showing you how to make hair accessories.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a
feathered hair ornament. You will need some sinamay, some feathers, some crystals a hair clip and some thread. You can buy all of these in your haberdasher store or you can buy them in the Glam Hatters craft kits if you visit the web site.

So what I'm going to do first is add the feathers, I
should tell you that this sinamay is a double layer. Now I've cut it into a teardrop shape, but you
could cut it to any shape you like. You could do a star or a circle anything you like.

I've kept it
simple with this teardrop. I'm going to pop on the feather and pin it in place. Then I've got
another layer of feathers here so that you've got them coming at different angles which covers more
of the hair ornament.

So now I've got them pinned, I'm going to start stitching them on. And you
stitch them on through the ribbon rather than through the feathers. So I've got a double thread that I'm using and I've tied a knot at the end to hold it all in place.

Now I'm going to do a few
quick stitches to get everything in place and then I'm going to cover up the stitches using my
crystals. Now if you find it a bit tough to get the needle through at some points, use the table
to help you. But if it's your moms dining room table make sure you put a book or something down

Okay, so now that I've pretty much covered the ribbon, I mean you guys can do a lot more
work on that if you want to and get it completely covered. What I'm going to do is I'm going to
dot some crystals around the edges so this will help to hold the two layers together but also
gives it a nice little shimmer as you move your head. You can feel the sparkles coming through the

Now the sinamay really great because it has this kind of grid pattern so you can do
quite big stitches, you can see I'm doing really big stitches underneath. You won't see them
through the sinamay it will get disguised with the pattern. Okay so this is the last crystal to
go in, then I'm going to do a double stitch at the back to hold it securely and then I'm just
going to go through the loop of the stitch so there's a nice knot and then trim off the excess.

Now we're going to sew on our hair pin to keep it all in place. I'm going to lay the hair pin
flat against the back and I'm going to pop it on the side just because it's easier to stitch along.
So you start sewing from the back so you've got your knot at the back.

I'm going to do my little
lasso stitch because sinamay has got such big holes in you don't want to have to make a massive
knot. The easiest way to avoid that is not to pull the stitch all the way through then to come
back through the other side and go in between the loop of the stitches . Now I can lay the curvy
pin on it's side and I'm going to stitch along the curvy side of the pin.

Then turn it the right
way up once it's stitched on because that just makes it easier to stitch and one more stitch. And
that will hold the pin nice and securely so that it doesn't come off when you're wearing it. Now
I'm going to do a double stitch on the back to finish off.

And then on the second stitch go through
the loop and trim off then I turn my hair clip around and that is my fastener. You can just bend
a little shape in there so it's not flat to your head. And that is how to make a feathered hair