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How To Make A First Birthday Cake

How To Make A First Birthday Cake

Your child's first birthday is an occasion to remember, so celebrate in style using this special one-shaped birthday cake. We've teamed up with expert Sugarcrafter Jan Clement-May and sugarcraft school, Squires Kitchen, to show you how to make it.

Step 1: You will need

  • long chocolate swiss roll
  • buttercream
  • sweets of your choice
  • toys or models

Step 2: Shape the cake

Cut one end off the swiss roll at a forty-five degree angle and position it to form the peak of the one. Cut a piece from the other end, longer than the cake is wide. Use this to form the base of the one.

Step 3: Buttercream

Cover the whole cake in buttercream using a pallette knife. We've used white buttercream, but you can use whatever colour you like.

Step 4: Decorate

Decorate the cake with sweets. We've used some white chocolate buttons covered in hundreds and thousands around the base of the cake, and dolly mixtures around the top to emphasise the shape of the one. Top the cake with some toys or models. These are sugar models available from any good sugar craft supplier, but you could use plastic toys (as long as your child doesn't eat them). Finish with a single candle.