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How To Make A Floral Buttonhole

How To Make A Floral Buttonhole

Make A Floral Buttonhole. Florist Trish Haunton demonstrates how to make a floral buttonhole for a lapel. Watch this video along with Videojug's how to make a corsage!

Step 1: You Will Need

  • One flower, three Ivy leaves, scissors, silver rose wire, 20 guage stub wire, floristry tape and a pearl ended pin.

Step 2: Cut the flowers

Using the scissors cut the stems of the rose and the ivy to 3cm.

Step 3: Wire the flowers

Holding the rose between thumb and forefinger pierce it with the silver rose wire. Gently pull the wires down in line with the stem. Wrap one wire around the other and the stem 3 times. This will stop the flower from opening too much. Using a piece of stub wire pierce the green part of the rose below the petals. Feed the wire half way through and bend the wires down in line with the stem. Pick up one piece of stub wire and twist it around the stem and the other wires.

Turn the ivy leaf over. Follow the stem up along the central vein of the leaf and stitch the rose wire through the leaf. The stitch should sit half way between the stem and the edge of the leaf. Holding the wire stitch between thumb and forefinger. Gently form a loop with the wire. Now bend both along the line of the stem. Twist one wire around the stem and second wire. Repeat until all three ivy leaves are wired.

Step 4: Tape

For safety and comfort, tape the flower from top to bottom covering all the wires. Twist the wire into the tape. Do the same for the leaves.

Step 5: Arrange

Place the flower on top of the leaves. Ideally the leaves will sit at three o'clock, six o'clock and nine o'clock positions. Once you're happy with the arrangement bend the wires so they all sit neatly then tape the stems together.

Step 6: Pinning the buttonhole.

Using the pearl-ended pin pierce the stem all the way through. Traditionally a buttonhole is pinned on the left hand lapel with the stems pointing up down

Step 7: DONE

Enjoy your buttonhole. To see how to make a corsage go to Videojug How To Make A Corsage.