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How To Make A Floral Centrepiece

How To Make A Floral Centrepiece

Make A Floral Centrepiece. Florist Trish Haunton demonstrates how to make a floral centrepiece using calla lilies and a goldfish bowl. This will brighten up any room!

Step 1: You will need

  • A goldfish bowl with a 38cm diameter, 10 long stemmed flowers, scissors and a tape measure or ruler.

Step 2: Types of flower

Today we are using Calla Lilies but any long stemmed flower may by used. Be sure the stems are clean, pliable and smooth.

Step 3: Cut Flowers

Measure your flowers, from the end of the stem to the tip of the flower. Using the scissors cut the flowers to 70cm. Always cut them on an angle for maximum water absorption.

Top tip: add half a cup of water to keep the flowers fresh.

Step 4: Arrange

Gently bend the flowers into the fish bowl with the stem at the bottom. Curve the stem around the fish bowl. Be careful not to break the stem. Once a few flowers are in start by placing the flower in the desired position and bend the stem in after. Ensure there are no major gaps. Continue until all ten blooms are in and arrange in a sweeping fashion.

Step 5: Display

Place the arrangement on your table for an artistic and stylish centrepiece. To see how to make a Christmas centrepiece go to Videojug How To Make A Christmas Centrepiece.