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How To Make A Fondant Bunny

How To Make A Fondant Bunny

In this tutorial, Sarah from Especially Delicious show you how to make a fondant bunny that's perfect for decorating Easter cakes.


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  • pink fondant icing
  • white fondant icing
  • black fondant icing


Roll the white fondant into a large sausage shape. With a sharp knife, cut sections for the head, body, limbs and ears. Starting with the body, roll the fondant section into circles and taper at the front using your fingers. Attach the limbs to the body with a touch of cooled boiled water. Repeat with the head and ears and stick to the body.

To make the rabbit's buck teeth, take a small piece of white fondant and cut out the teeth shape with a knife. Attach to the rabbit's face with water. Add a nose using a small ball of pink fondant. Add two further small pieces of pink fondant to form the feet and two pieces of black fondant for the eyes.