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How To Make A Fondant Cow

How To Make A Fondant Cow

Fondant animals are fun on children's party cakes. Here's how to make a cow.


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  • black fondant icing
  • pink fondant icing
  • white fondant icing
  • water


Roll the fondant icing out into the required shapes: white fondant for the body, four balls for the legs, a long sausage shape for the tail, a squashed oval shape for his head and some small balls for his ears, a pink strip for his mouth and small pieces of black fondant for the eyes, patches and nose.

Begin by putting together the head. Attach the ears, mouth and eyes using a dab of water and add a smile using a wheel tool.

Attach the black patches to the body using some water. Add on the feet and legs. Add the tail, curling it around. Smooth out any crack using your fingers and some water.

Finally, attach the head. Mould it on to the body so that the mouth lifts up. Once the water has dried, the sections will be stuck together more firmly.