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How To Make A Football Birthday Cake

How To Make A Football Birthday Cake

A football cake is a great cake to have at party for a football loving child. In this step by step guide Alison from AM Sugarcraft takes you through the easy steps involved.


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  • Buttercream
  • White sugar paste
  • Icing sugar
  • Black sugar paste


Cover the cake in a thin layer of Buttercream - you don't need much. This is just so that Sugar paste has something to stick to.

Give the Sugar paste a light dusting with icing sugar, and then roll it out to size. Cover the cake with the sugar paste so that it overlaps the tray, then press it into the cake and smooth it out, doing the best you can to avoid making creases. Now cut off the excess icing, leaving a small border around the cake. Remove the excess.

Smooth out the border of the cake using a smoother, or another flat object. Make sure you have a nice smooth surface on the top of the cake, smoothing out any creases that may have appeared.

The next step is to get hold of your other coloured sugar paste. Again, give it a coating with icing sugar before rolling out. To start with, just cut out one pentagon, and place it directly on top, and in the middle of your cake. Now you can cut out 5 more pentagons. This is the trickier part: you have to line up one of the points on the top of the pentagon with one of the points on the new pentagon. Place this pentagon on the side, keeping the points lined up. Repeat this process on all of the points until you have used up all of your pentagons.

The next step is to use a carving tool, or something similar, to draw a line between the points you have just lined up. Be careful not to push too hard, as you do not want to pierce the cake. Carry on this process, joining up all the points that are pointing towards each other, including the horizontals. The final step, to finish things off, is to do the same thing at the bottom of the pentagons, drawing a line from the point to the cake base.

So there you have it. Your finished Football Cake!