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How To Make A Fox Mask

How To Make A Fox Mask

Learn how to make a fantastic fox mask with Corina Bona, professional prop and puppet maker. These masks are great for children's parties, or even an adult fancy dress party!

You Will Need

  • scissors
  • pritt stick
  • black marker pen
  • masking tape
  • sellotape
  • red tissue paper circles
  • stapler
  • string
  • 1 thick white paper
  • 2 red paper


Hold the white piece of paper up to your eyes and press to make marks where your eyes will go, then draw on eye holes with the marker pen. Draw a mask shape around the two eye holes; fold the mask in half and cut around the shape, then cut out the eye holes.

To make the ears: fold the red paper in half, then cut along each side to make a point at the top. Make a slit at the bottom of each ear and stick the flaps together, giving them a concave shape. Attack the ears to the back of the mask, cutting away any excess paper.

To make the snout: take a piece of red paper and curl it into a cone shape, securing it with sellotape. Fold sharp lines into it so it has a square shape. Cover the end of the nose with masking tape and colour it in with the marker pen. Cut along each of the fold lines, cutting away the bottom flap; stick the snout onto the mask with pritt stick, cutting away any excess paper.

Rip up pieces of red paper, then stick them to the mask with pritt stick, working towards the eyes. Fold the tissue paper circles in half, snip along the curved edge, then stick them above the eyes and in the centre of the ears.

Attach the string to the mask at either side of the eyes using the stapler. Adjust to your head size, and tie a knot in the string.