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How To Make A French Twist

How To Make A French Twist

Anyone should be able to do French twists on their hair at home. But for a polished and firm French twist, Peter of Glass Salon demonstrates the procedure for you.

I'm going to show you how to do a French twist and you should be able to do this quite easily at home. The right tools are important and prepping the hair is important, too. We're going to make sure your hair's shampooed and conditioned as nice and clean and you use a Mason Pearson brush.

Today, I'm going to put a side parting in and what you want to do is you almost brush the hair into a slight ponytail over this way. I'm just going to leave a few pieces out, we're going to keep it quite loose today and keep brushing it until you feel you've got that right in there and you hold the hair in your hand like that and when you get down to this area now, you can start just really loosely twisting the hair and you can start pinning that up. What we're going to do now is you need to get a few little bobby pins and you put the bobby pin.

You need to put it through the twist and into the hair, to the scalp. It needs to go straight across the scalp and you wiggle it in there like that. Get your next grip and do the same again and you just do enough until you think it's going to be nice and firm in there.

So again, you get your grip, you open that up, you put it through your twist and into the hair underneath and now, I'm going to put this one going down and through the top area, we're just going to roll that on the other way and with this area I'm leaving out. If you've got really long hair, it's probably easier to leave some of it out, like what we're doing today and then you can do anything with that. You can curl it or just keep it loose and unstructured and have a different play on a classic French twist, and in this area here, you can either spray or tong and then you have a French twist this way and on this side we've just decided to leave a few bits out.

That just stops it from making it look really formal. That's my take on a twist that you can do yourself at home. .