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How To Make A Ghost Costume

How To Make A Ghost Costume

This film shows you how to come up with a fantastic ghost costume for Halloween. It's never a dull idea going out as a ghost.

Step 1: Halloween Costumes

Hi, I’m Claire Wacey and I’m a personal stylist. And today, I’m going to show you how to make your own Halloween costumes. For anything that you don’t find in these videos, go to my website for more style tips on Halloween outfits.

Step 2: Ghost Costume

Hi, today I’m going to talk to you about how to make a ghost costume ready for your Halloween party. Now, if you’ve got any white or lace in your wardrobe, you can definitely create a ghost look quite simply by using really pale lace and then just flaring it up and whitening out your skin and making yourself as pale as possible. However, if you haven’t got that and you don’t want to go to the high street and buy something, then why not turn a sheet in your cupboard into a fantastic costume. This is just a basic white sheet of the bed. So, I’ve cut a hole in this so you can get your head through it. Some people just wear it over their head and cut out holes for their eyes. But personally, I think it’s much easier to see where you’re going if you just cut it out, pop it around your neck and then you’ve got this massive cape. Now obviously, it doesn’t look very shapely at the moment, so once you’ve got your hole for your head, what you want to do is take your scissors and just to make it a little bit more stylish and show off your figure because we’ve all got fab figures under there, take both sides of the sheet, be careful when you’re cutting, and cut a hole into the sheet like that so that we’ve got almost like an armhole. We do that on both sides. So, let’s do that too, cutting a nice hole. It doesn’t matter how big or small the hole is, basically so you can get a nice belt through there just to cinch in your waist. So, let’s just pop that in. I’ve chosen silver because it kind of follows on that ghostly theme. That’s just going to cinch in the body, use any type of belt, elasticated is obviously best. And if you’re not wearing anything underneath, make sure you don’t cut a big hole like I do but if you are, just wear something nice and white underneath or like a cream or gray, something a bit more exciting. You can even have a bit of silver under there to make it a little bit more glam. Right, so I’ve popped this belt on, let me just shimmy that around so we don’t get to see the ugly part of it. Now, it’s looking a little bit Grecian, so you want to turn it into much more of a ghostly and ghoulish feel. So, now you’ve got your centrepiece which is going to keep it on your body, stop it falling off and create any problems, you want to create some really really ghostly feel and movement in the outfit because I think the most important thing about a ghost outfit is that it moves a lot so really, just cutting into the costume to create billowy ghost sections. So that as you move, you’re really getting lots of movement behind you. Now, as you cut into this, obviously you’d do the same on both sides and also in most dead, just, you know, you can snip into here and just rip it, so it’s really really easy. And you want to create an exciting base to your costume as well. You don’t want it all just completely ripped, but you want to make sure that when you lift up your arm, you get that kind of sections falling down so you can really play on that ghostly movement. So what we’ve done is here’s our ghost moving here, so I’ve cut into that so that when you lift up your arm, you have lots and lots of movement going on. Then at the bottom, take some safety pins. Because the bed sheet is going to be really really long, and you “I still want to look good when I’m wearing a Halloween costume,” at a party, you want to take this hemline up, and because I’ve used the bed sheet, it’s already got an elasticated section, so I can turn it into a bubble skirt really easily. So, you take the bottom of the skirt, take it underneath, pin it into the waistband so I’ve just hit the waistband there, and I’m going to show you underneath. P