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How To Make A Guinea Pig Playpen

How To Make A Guinea Pig Playpen

This video shows how to make a guinea pig playpen which is really important especially during winter.

Hi. My name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department of Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridge here.

I'm going to advise you how to care for guinea pigs. I'm going to tell you how to make a guinea pig playpen. During the winter months, your guinea pigs may need to come indoors or you may already house your guinea pigs indoors.

Many indoor cages that are on the market, although they do meet minimum requirements of around 4 feet in length, it's a good idea to provide them with a pen as well where they can exercise that little extra bit in the winter months and in the day, maybe whilst you're at work. There are many different pens including puppy pens and metal guinea pig cages that can be purchased. There are also cube cages which can be made and these are from different types of house storage containers and these can be made to fit to the shape of your house.

When setting up your play pen, make sure you got lots of different types of houses in there and tunnels for them. You could also use a few blankets for them to snuggle onto and sit onto so to keep them cozy as well. Enrichment such as paper bags filled with dried herbs and good quality hay, litter trays filled with different types of grass and hays as well for them to rummage in and sit in and feed on as well.

Also, in your garden, you might be growing different types of vegetables and herbs. Scatter these around the run so they can forage for them. You could also get your hay and place these on top of the house and under them so they can reach out for them.

Other good things would be different types of tunnels. There are many types on the market. Really good ones are ones they can chew safely so we've got different ones made from different types of fruit tree wood.

We've also got hay bells that can be hung from the side of the cage and another great one is the guinea pig hay kebab which you can make yourself. These are simply made from toilet rolls and fruit tree twigs with different herbs and dry hay placed inside. These can be popped in there and the guinea pigs can roll them along and nibble whenever they want to.

Really aim for your indoor guinea pig accommodation to be as big as possible so aim for no smaller than 6 feet. Guinea pigs are active and they need lots of space. Guinea pigs should always be kept in pairs or small groups so it's important they've got lots of area for them to roam around and they're not all feeling confined.

If guinea pigs are confined to a smaller accommodation or so around 3-foot or 4-foot, they may start to squabble a bit. So, guinea pig playpens are excellent way to keep them interactive and happy with each other. That's how to choose a guinea pig playpen. .