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How To Make A Hat Out Of Balloons

How To Make A Hat Out Of Balloons

Balloon Modelling: Make A Hat . Jelly Kelly shows us how to make a balloon hat- it looks fantastic! To learn the basics, see VideoJug's 'How to Start Balloon Modelling'.

Step 1: You will need

  • 2 260Q balloons
  • A small round or heart shaped balloon
  • A professional pump

Step 2: Blow up

Place the lip of a 260Q balloon over the nib of your pump. Inflate both balloons almost fully.

Step 3: Tie off

Loop the lip around your fingers, then tuck it through the loop. Gently pull and release to form the knot.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the process with the green balloon.

Step 5: Measure your hat size

Place the two balloons next to each other lying in opposite directions. Place the knot of one balloon about a third of the way down the other balloon and check that this length fits your head. Lock the balloons together at these points with a small bubble in the knot end of either balloon.

Step 6: Twist

Twist the air down to the ends of both balloons. Gently pull them around each other so they are twisted together. Make two small bubbles in the end of each balloon and twist them together to lock them off.

Step 7: Add a final touch

Inflate a small round balloon and tie it off. Wrap the knot of the round balloon around the point where the 2 long balloons are locked together. It doesn't matter how you wrap it as long as it is secure enough that the round balloon stays in place.

Step 8: Done

Have fun wearing your wobbly new hat.