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How To Make A Headband With Your Hair

How To Make A Headband With Your Hair

There are many ways to wear a headband using your own hair. You may opt for two braids, wrapping them up together, and giving more volume on the back area. So, here is how to get this headband hairstyle.

I'm going to teach you how to put a headband using your own hair. There are many different ways you can do this so I think you should just try loads of different options. What I'm going to do today is I've started by doing two braids behind each hair on this side and one on this side, and I'm going to now clip this up over there to make my first half of the braid.

I'm just going to pin that bit in and now, I'm going to get my second braid and roll that up and make the other part of my hair band, and again leave another bobby pin and you clip that. I'm going to use another piece of hair in this area here and we're just going to add detail to the braid, so I'm going to twist this area here and do like a little knot in the hair, grip that in, so you could have like an unstructured place in this area here. If you're going to wear a headband using your own hair, I would actually backcomb the area behind the headband to create more volume and your headband will sand out a lot more and by doing that, we just use a narrow bristled brush to gently backcomb from the root to the middle bits, through that area and into the crown.

Just backcomb really really loosely up the hair shaft and you're creating like a cushion effect through here. So after you've backcombed the crown area, you just move over the top area and you create volume behind the headband and there you have it. You have created a hair band using your own hair, using a couple of different techniques by then just wrapping it around. .