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How To Make A Healthy Packed Lunch

How To Make A Healthy Packed Lunch

Child nutrition is extremely important. Food has a profound effect on children's physical, mental and emotional development. Here we advise you how to make a packed lunch that is perfect for growing kids.

Step 1: Refined foods

Always choose whole, unrefined food, such as brown bread and whole meal pasta. Don't go for the white refined varieties, because these have had vitamins removed.

Step 2: Balance

Try to create a balance of different food types - carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Step 3: Forbidden foods

Foods that should never go in a child's lunchbox – and why
- fizzy, caffeinated drinks; things with added sugar; too much salt; deep fried foods; food with additives.

Step 4: Read the label

If you are choosing foods which are already prepared, read the label carefully and decide if you are happy to feed this to your child.

Step 5: Healthy alternatives

You should try to train children to drink water, as it helps concentration.

Be creative and include variety of fruits and vegetables. You can also substitute pasta with whole meal alternative.

Step 6: Stubborn children

Find what is important for your child and why they like particular food and then alter you explanation why they should eat health food accordingly.

Shop for food together.