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How To Make A Hello Kitty Cake

How To Make A Hello Kitty Cake

In this guide, pastry chef Annabelle from Confection Perfection shows you how to make a Hello Kitty cake.


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You Will Need

  • pre-made cakes
  • white sugar paste
  • pink sugar paste
  • black sugar paste
  • edible glue
  • cornflour
  • flour paste
  • buttercream
  • Hello Kitty template
  • serrated knife
  • palette knife
  • rolling pin
  • rolling spacers
  • cake board
  • cutting wheel


Carve the shape of the body with a serrated knife using the template and round off the head cake. Brush loose crumbs off after carving to avoid getting them mixed up in the icing later. Crumb coat the cakes with a thin layer of buttercream.

Knead the white sugar paste and roll out using the spacers to get an even thickness. Cover the head and the body and smooth with your hands. Trim off the excess with a palette knife. Move the two pieces onto the board and arrange into position.

Knead and roll out the pink sugar paste to a thickness of about 3mm and use a teeshirt template and a cutting wheel to trim it to the right shape and size. Smooth the edges with your finger before sticking it to the cake with some edible glue.

Use some white sugar paste to create two ears and stick them to the head with edible glue. Make three sugar paste ovals, one light pink and two black for the nose and eyes. Push the flour paste whiskers into the sides of the head and stick on a sugar paste bow with some edible glue.