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How To Make A Horse Out Of Balloons

How To Make A Horse Out Of Balloons

Balloon Modelling: Make A Horse. Jelly Kelly shows us how to twist a couple of balloons into a horse. You can find more tips in her introduction to balloon modelling.

Step 1: You will need

  • 2 260Q balloons in different colours a professional pump permanent marker pens and some scissors

Step 2: Blow up

Place the lip of a 260Q balloon over the nib of your pump. Inflate leaving a 6 inch tail.

Step 3: Tie off

Loop the lip around your fingers, then tuck it through the loop. Gently pull and release to form the knot.

Step 4: The horse's head

Bring the knot forward and squeeze the balloon gently to shape a nose. Twist a two inch head. Then add two bubbles small for ears and lock off.

Step 5: Front legs

Twist a long neck and then two long front legs. Bend these together and lock off.

Step 6: Hind legs

Add a bubble for the body and two more bubbles for long back legs. Then lock these off.

Step 7: The tail

Make a bubble on the horse's bottom pinch twist to bring the tail down. See 'How to Start Balloon Modelling' for more information on pinch twists.

Step 8: Make the mane

Inflate another 260Q in a different colour to whatever size you like. It doesn't need to be very long. Then tie it off.
Make 6 small 1inch bubbles twisting them each 4 times, ensuring you keep hold of the first and last bubble. Bring the knot end of the balloon around to the join of the last bubble and tie these points together. Squeeze the air to the end of the balloon and trim off the end so you are left with a ring of 6 bubbles.

Step 9: Attach the mane

Push the horse's head through the centre of the ring. Pull the top two bubbles over the twist in the ears and secure the bottom two over the twist of the neck. Take the leftover piece of deflated balloon and tie it in a loop. This will be the reins. Place it over the horse's nose and secure it between the bubbles in the mane.

Step 10: Final detail

Use a permanent marker to draw eyes on the horse's head. Use a different colour for a saddle and stirrups.

Step 11: Done