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How To Make A Joke Light Bulb

How To Make A Joke Light Bulb

Prank your friends with this homemade light bulb hack!

Step 1: A fun light bulb prank:

First find a couple of light bulbs. They can even be burned out, it doesn't matter. And using some work gloves, slowly twist the base of the light bulb back and forth until it loosens up. It might take some muscle, but you'll get it lose. And there is a fairly good chance the bulb may break inside the base. So if that happens, just clean out the base thoroughly of the old glue. Then grab light bulb number two. We're actually going to salvage the glass part. I picked at the brass base with an exacto knife, until I got a small section I could grab with a pair of needle nose pliers. And then I slowly peeled the base back. Continue to do this until the bulb is free from the base. Then you'll probably have to cut the small wire that's going from the filament to the center of the base.

Step 2: Stack the button cells:

Now you've got your components. The base, and our intact light bulb. Then I picked up a couple of twenty thirty two button cell batteries. And a white high intensity LED. You want to stack the button cells and use a couple of zip ties to hold them together. Then you'll need three small pieces of wire.

Step 3: Start soldering:

Solder one to the very end of the base. There should already be some solder there that you can use. Then solder the other one to the edge of the light bulb base. You'll also find some handy solder there ready to go. Then solder one piece of wire to the positive side of the LED, that's the longer leg. And solder the other side of the LED to the other wire that's attached to the very bottom of the base. Then you'll wrap the lead that's soldered to the side of the base, in this case, the black one, around the zip ties on the negative side of the batteries. And do the same with the wire coming from the positive side of the LED lead, wrap it around the zip tie and make contact with the positive side of the two batteries. Then take your battery pack and stick it in the base of the light bulb. And insert the LED in the small gutted out part of the light bulb, and put it all back together. I use some hot glue to keep the base intact.

Step 4: The prank is set:

Your mysterious light bulb prank is ready to go. Once you make contact with the side of the base and the bottom, the LED will light up. I just decided to use my ring to make contact. So when you hand it to someone it won't light! And when they hand it back to you, you can make it light! This is the same kind of light bulb you buy in a magic shop or a catalog.

And that's how to make your very own mysterious light bulb prank.