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How To Make A Ladybug Cake

How To Make A Ladybug Cake

In this video Jo Gathern, professional cupcake decorator from Indulgent Cupcakes, teaches you two ways to make these fun ladybug cupcakes.


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  • 2 cupcakes
  • red buttercream
  • black glace icing
  • red fondant icing
  • black fondant icing
  • white fondant icing
  • 2 mini marshmallows


To make the buttercream ladybird, take a cupcake with the case standing slightly proud of the cake, and apply red buttercream. Spread it smooth with a knife.

With a small writing nozzle, pipe a line of black icing all the way down the cake. Then fill in just under half of one side for the face. You can smooth it with a damp knife to even out the texture.

Draw the spots on, place the marshmallows as eyes and draw on pupils and a smile.

For a fondant ladybug, begin by covering a cupcake with buttercream and smooth.

Cut a out disk the size of the cupcake from the red fondant, then stick it onto the buttercream.

For the face, take a flat piece of black fondant, cut a straight line with a knife and using the same sized cutter as before, cut a semicircle. Stick it on with a little water.

Cut a strip of black fondant and stick it down the back of the ladybug. Trim the edge with a knife. Cut the dots out of fondant and stick them on.

For the eyes, make 2 small balls out of white icing, stick them on with water and stick 2 dots on for pupils.