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How To Make A Lion King Costume

How To Make A Lion King Costume

Brighten up a rainy afternoon with some colourful mask making. Professional prop and puppet maker Corina Bona shows you how to make a lion mask.

You Will Need

  • red paper
  • yellow paper
  • orange paper
  • string
  • glue stick
  • stapler
  • masking tape
  • black marker pen
  • 1 paper plate


Begin by making the muzzle. Fold a sheet of yellow paper in half and cut a semi-circular shape half way along, near the fold. Open the paper out, tuck the middle piece of paper in and glue the semi-circular pieces one on top of the other. Cut some flaps around the edge of the muzzle, bend them outwards and attach to the paper plate using masking tape. Don't worry about the tape as it will be covered by the fur later on. Cut away the bottom part of the muzzle and a little of the plate underneath, to give yourself some breathing space. Mark where your eye holes will go and cut these out.

To make the lion's mane. Take a sheet of each colour of paper and shred them into strips by hand. Seperate the colours out in three piles and, starting on the outer edges of the mask with the red paper, glue them on. Keep adding them until the whole mask (except the eyes!) is covered. Add some ears in too, cutting and folding them in the middle to give them some volume. When you're done adding mane, curl the paper pieces around a pencil. Add some definition to the eyes, nose and muzzle with the black marker pen.

To wear your mask, staple some string on to the back of the mask, near the eye holes and tie to fit your head.