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How To Make A Mini Rocket

How To Make A Mini Rocket

Watch this fun video on rocket science and learn how to make your own science experiment at home using vinegar and soda, and amaze your friends with this amazing science rocket experiment. You could make them at parties, too!

Today, we are going to make and explode a little rocket. It's not too dangerous so you can do it at home, it's quite fun, and I do it with children all the time. It's quite safe and what you are going to need is a 35 mm film canister and you can get one from any one of these old film shops, and it needs to be of the type that has a ridge on the inside and a ridge there as well, because that shuts quite tightly and this is going to be the body of the rocket, and we are going to put some chemicals into the rocket and the height that it goes is determined by how snug the fit is of the lid.

So, the better the lid is, the higher the rocket will go. The other thing that we are going to need are some cloth materials, if you want to make a nice rocket that looks something like this and then the chemicals to make the rocket explode and you can do a couple of different options with this. The first one is vinegar and bicarbonate soda, and those two chemicals are mixed together to make carbon dioxide gas and that fills up the canister and makes it explode or you could use a fizzy tablet of some kind, like these and water.

You only need a quarter of the tablet. So, first of all, we are going to make a rocket. So, we are going to have one of these film canisters and just going to cut a bit of and tape it like that.

Quite simple, you could make a simple one. An important thing to remember is not to get any cello tape inside the lid because that will stop the lid from coming off. You would also want to keep the paper very away from the lid area.

So, you can make it as elaborate as you want, you could put wings on it like this and you could also make a nose cone. And the way to make a nose cone is to cut out a circle from a paper like this and simply cut a slit in it and then put some cello tape on, make it stick like something like that. The important thing to remember is that the bottom of the canister is where the lid is going to pop off, so it is going to be upside down and so you don't put the nose cone upside down.

So, we have made a rocket and it looks something like this and you have a lid. So, the next thing is to fill it with your rocket fuel. Quite simple, we will just put a fuel to that, half a centimeter of vinegar, not too much.

The more you put in and the more carbon you put in, the faster it explodes. So, if you got less in, it will be a bit slower and you will have to wait. It will pretty much explode in your hand, which you really don't want to happen.

So, to do that, we will need some bicarbonate of soda, not very much and put a bit like this and I have to get my timing right now. So, I need to put it in, put the lid on and then put it down and retire to a safe area and don't stand and look over like this because it will explode on your face. So, let's have a go, put some in and put the lid on, shake and put it like that. Something like that! .