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How To Make A New Photo Album On IPhone 4

How To Make A New Photo Album On IPhone 4

Technology writer Nikki Moore teaches you how to create, edit, and delete photo albums on your iPhone.

Start by clicking on photos. Click on "Add" in the top left-hand corner of the screen and then you can enter the album name. I'm going to add "nik" and save.

This then saves your album to the list on your screen as you can see here. So, then, add photos to the album. You click on "nik," go to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, click on "Add," go to "Camera Roll" and simply select the photos that you want to have in your album.

Once selected, you click on "Done", the photos are added into the album and there you have your album full of photos you've selected. To delete the album, click on "Edit" - a little red icon appears on the left next to the album - select the album, hit the "Delete" key, "Delete Album" and the album's gone. Once you've created your album, it's a really nice way of keeping all of your photos organized and sharing them with friends.

And that's how to create a photo album on your iPhone. .