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How To Make A Paper Box

How To Make A Paper Box

Folding origami paper boxes is a unique way to present small gifts to friends or family. Videojug provides clear instructions, and an easy-to-follow video on how to make these colorful containers.

Hi, this is how I make a paper box. First of all, I fold diagonal and also the other diagonal, and the horizontal and vertical. Open it back up, and fold all four corners into the middle.

We are now going to fold the edges into the middle. Turn it around and repeat. Open it back up.

Turn it ninety degrees, and repeat the edges into the middle. Now, open it back up. Now, we're going to pull these parts open, we're going to lift this section up, so it's square, and also on this side, so it's square.

We can assemble the box by collapsing it along this line here and here, so more here, and here. So, what we're going to do is bring these two diagonals in, see from there, and there. Just mount them forward, and basically just lift this part back up, like so, and come up square.

And then you just push this fold down, and keep pushing it down until it goes into the box. So we're going to repeat on this side. Once again, it's going to be on that diagonal here and that diagonal here.

So, we're literally just pushing in on those two diagonals. As we push in on those two diagonals, this back flap will come up, like so, and once it's up, just push it down further. And just reinforce all of the folds, just square them off, nice and sharp.

So just pinch that there, pinch all four corners. Let's reinforce the folds on the top of the box, and on the bottom of the box. Now, if you fold another one of these boxes, like so, you can push them together, and you can use them as presentation cases.

That was how to make a paper box. .