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How To Make A Paper CD Case

How To Make A Paper CD Case

If you find that you constantly have CDs lying everywhere thanks to broken cases or you burning endless discs, you will need a cheap and compact solution. Let us show you how to knock up a quick and easy paper CD case.

Step 1: You will need

  • Thin card
  • A craft knife
  • A pen

Step 2: Make the case

Line your CD up with the short edge of the card, making sure it is central, and fold it over neatly so that the fold runs snuggly along the bottom edge of the disk. Follow this by folding up the bottom edge of the card, again along the base of the disk, resulting in a large flap and a small flap.

Open the larger flap back out and fold in one side of the card so that the fold meets the Cd edge. Try to keep the Cd roughly central on the card. Repeat this fold on the opposite side so that the card is now framing the disks central circle on three sides.

Cut along the first fold you made near the centre of the card, stopping as you meet the fold that bisects it. Make another cut at about 35 degrees below this, removing a triangle. This angle needn't be too accurate. Repeat this on the opposite side.

Fold out the bottom flap, and cut along the fold that runs to the cards short edge, until you reach the fold that bisects it. Cut out a triangle on the left of this cut at roughly 30 degrees. Repeat this on the other vertical fold, with the diagonal cut to the right, and then fold the two small tabs up.

As before remove to small triangles with a 30 degree cut from the edges of the remaining bottom tab.

At the top of the card, make a 2cm cut about 1cm from the top edge, followed by cutting out the corner with a diagonal cut. Repeat this on the opposite side.

Fold the card back in half, and mark on the bottom tab the corners of the tab you just created. Open the case back out and cut a slit between these two marks.

Now simply place your CD inside and fold the card over, tucking the top tab into the slit you have just made