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How To Make A Paper Rose

How To Make A Paper Rose

Paper roses are beautiful and very simple to make. You can make them in any size and color. They are perfect for decorating your home or party and make the perfect arts and craft project. This step-by-step instructional video will teach you how to make a paper rose in minutes.

Okay, so now, I'm going to show you how to make a paper rose. So, basically, you just need a plain copy of paper, you can use colored paper, for example, red, if you wanted a red rose and you start with a flower shape. We've created a template here but you can draw it free hand, and basically, you just need to draw around to create your flower shape.

You just need to draw lines through the middle, like this, so you'll know where to score and fold and where to cut, and then you need to do this three times, so you have three flower shapes and then simply cut them out. Okay, so now you've got your three paper flower shapes, and basically with one of them, you need to cut out two segments. Like this, the other, you cut out a single segment and then the third you leave as it is.

And then, basically, on a cutting mat, oh, I haven't got one here. You basically start scoring the lines. So once you've scored and then folded your individual pieces like this, you want to start making a little curled petal shape like this.

The way we do it is just to simply roll it on the edge with pencil and then you want to start molding the flower. So, we start with the full flower, just the outside the outer layers of the rose, and then your centerpiece which is the petal with one missing, you basically take it and join it like this. And for the purpose of this, I'm using double sided sticky tape, but it's best to use some paper glue, some strong PDA glue to put these in like that, and you start to build, glue it to the center here, and we just need to snip the end off so it holds more firmly.

The next layer, you will do the same thing, you stick it down, glue it together, cut the end off and then stick it in to form your rose. So, then, you get to your centerpieces and you're basically going to stick that one down and that will go in. And then your very centrepiece, you'll just put it together like this.

And again, with both these pieces, you have to snip the ends off. It just makes it easier to glue into the flower and stay. And then, this one we've made earlier, just put it into the flower, push it all together, leave it to dry, and then it should look like this.

And there you have your paper rose. .