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How To Make A Paper Windmill

How To Make A Paper Windmill

Always be the hit of the party! Fun for the summer and the perfect addition to any party, follow these simple steps and learn how to make these beautiful little windmills for any event.

Hi, this is how you fold a windmill. Now, we're going to fold the windmill. Turn it over and fold in half.

Open it back up. Fold the edges into the middle. Turn a full ninety degrees and fold in half.

We're now going to fold edges again into the middle to form a square. We're now going to fold the entire model diagonally. Unfold it and repeat on the other diagonal.

Open it back up and now we're going to lift this triangle here outwards. Outside, we're going to repeat on this side as well. So, again, it's that triangle; we're lifting it out and then pushing it back in.

So you'll form a roof of a house. Turn it around and repeat. Again, it's that triangle here, were pulling it outwards and then pushing it back in.

Again, on this side, pushing it outwards, then pushing it back in. Now, to make the windmill, we're going to push this one upwards, this one down. And to finish the windmill off, you can get a stick or piece of wire, like this, and you just push it into the middle. That was how you fold a windmill! .