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How To Make A Perfect Ponytail

How To Make A Perfect Ponytail

Richard Ashforth shows you how to make a perfect ponytail. Richard is the International Creative Director from top hairdressing company, Saco. And here he shows you how to perfect that traditional ponytail haircut.

Step 1: Apply salty water

Mixing some salt into water.

Step 2: Make hair bungee

Using a hair-band and two kirby-grips make the hair bungee.

Step 3: Brush hair

Brush hair back through your hand towards a point at the back.

Step 4: Tilt head back to avoid sagging

When positioning your pony-tail, tilt your head back in order to avoid a loose section underneath.

Step 5: Position pony-tail

Position pony-tail between crown and oxhibital bone.

Step 6: Use hair bungee

Wrap pony-tail in hair-bungee and fix using kirby-grip.

Step 7: conceal hair bungee

Using a strand of hair, wrap round the bungee to conceal it.

Step 8: Smooth finish with hair spray

Apply hair spray to finish any loose hairs and complete the look.