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How To Make A Picture Collage

How To Make A Picture Collage

This video talks about how to make a picture collage

Hi. My name is Nick Malone and I'm an artist based in London and I run classes for beginners here at the studio. You can always find us at our website www.

londonartclasses.com and there's also a link to the site from the internet page that you're on at the moment. Now we're going to have a look at creating a photo collage now.

So let's see what's involved, well in every collage you need a base that's strong enough to support what you're going to attach to it. The three ideas for photo collage that you might like to think of, one is maybe you would like to do a collage of that special occasion. Maybe a holiday or somebody is particularly important to you and you've got lots of different images and your snaps and you want to put them together to create a picture.

So what you could do here is you could their just arrange them in a way that you find particularly interesting or what you might want to do instead is cut out elements and stick them together in an arrangement that you feel is particularly evocative . so what you do then is take a scalpel and start to cut out these images. So maybe you're remembering that special trip and you just want that particular part of the image to put on the collage, so maybe you put that there and then later on you think ”ok I was part of that particular landscape there” and you cut that out and then you attach that maybe above there.

So you start to construct your own particular landscape in photos and you can gradually build it up to make it evocative of all the different elements that you remember and then once you've sorted it out you can then stick them together I suggest using acrylic medium because a acrylic medium is a very good glue, its non-corrosive and also if maybe you are using acrylic paint and you might write on it or whatever it its then you're using the same kind of medium. You just put a bit of medium on the back there and again on all the different images and then just stick them together, acrylic medium dries very quickly and at the end of it you have the picture that you want. A second idea for a photo collage is to use photos that you just find in magazines or whatever, and nothing that are particularly personal to you but you just like the idea of using those photos.

So maybe we'll just use the image of this woman here that you find particularly appealing and you might cut around that image like that and then arrange that photo that you got from a magazine there on the page and then maybe you would take out another image of something a little bit similar and you start to put this person on there and so forth. And you build your collage out of sets of images that you have found through the photography that anybody can discover in all the magazines that are out today and again as with the other photo collage, you attach them to the base just using and acrylic gloss medium which is always great for sticking paper on to paper. The third idea for a photo collage is what you can is take part of a photo which is in detail pretty abstract and then you might make something of it like for example if I were to cut out part of these flowers here and then I just take that piece of paper out on its own because you don't know where it came from it just looks like a piece of abstract painting or something like that.

then you might take something more realistic , shall we say I've cut out the wings of a little dragon fly here and you can stick that on top so that then becomes the thorax to the dragon fly so that what you got is. You got a rather unusual dragonfly there; you've got something that you wouldn't expect, some unexpected colors, a little bit of abstract cutting form a magazine but glued together that makes something very unexpected. And of course all these possibilities are unlimited and it's for you to use your imagination with collage because the great thing about it is it sets you free to do what you want.