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How To Make A Pillow Case

How To Make A Pillow Case

Here are two simple, yet elegant, ways to make your own pillow cases. The first is in the bag fashion and the second is with a flap.

How to make a pillow case. Now, there are two types of pillow cases. The simple one, which is just a bag slightly bigger than the pillow itself, and then, the other one has got an inner flap which the pillow tucks into, inside.

Here, I have an ordinary pillow case and I will demonstrate how to make the other one using this ordinary pillow case, which is very easy. So, this pillow case is inside out. It's got a nice embroidered side to it and an appliquéd edge.

And on the other side, it's perfectly plain. So, the perfectly plain side, I would have hemmed the end and then stitched the two sides together. In this case, it is a French seam so you would have to start on the right side, stitch that together first, turn it back to inside out, and stitch it again.

And that give you the neat, French seaming, which is sealed, which is the better way to use, to do them. So, once you've done that, your pillow case is finished. You turn it to the right side and you're finished.

If you're going to make one with a flap, you need to cut the back of the pillow case, the one that hasn't got the embroidery but the plain side. You need to cut that slightly longer. I would say, another 25 centimeters, and you hem that bit.

When you stitch the two sides together, obviously that back side is going to be much longer, so you stitch it over the front side and you stitch the sides together. When you turn it to the right side, that flap is going to tuck nicely inside there and that will keep the pillow from falling out, not that they ever fall out. They never fall out so you can get away with a plain pillow case without the flap if you wish to.

That is how you make a pillow case. .