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How To Make A Pillowcase

How To Make A Pillowcase

If you are a beginner to the art of sewing, then this video will be quite helpful for you. It shows easy and simple ways to sew perfectly a nice and beautiful pillowcase. The technique could be well used for home decor as well where you can use your creativity to light up the mood of house.

So, today, I will show you how to make a pillowcase in a very simple way. For this, we need, of course, a pillow insert, a half meter of heavy woven fabric, the best is crib material, we need a normal ruler about 60 centimeters long, we need pins, a pencil, fabric scissors, and of course a matching thread. When we start with our cutting out then, we need to note the measurement of the cushion insert.

I have chosen a 15 by 15 inch insert and for this cushion we need 3 squares, take 1 edge and fold it like that and then I need my ruler, the cushion I take is 15 by 15 inch wide. We need also to calculate it, we have seaming lines of side edges and also the cushion has a deep so add 1 inch all the way around and you cut out 16 by 16 inch. Important is that now you pin all the 3 layers together, make sure that the pins are not going over the lines you have drawn, otherwise you can't cut, use your scissors there.

What you have created now is 3 squares, I will take one, the top one aside, and with the 2 remaining ones and we'll take them again, right side to the right side and from these 2 remaining ones, you cut off another 2 inch stripe, don't forget to pin these 2 layers again. Now, we are starting now with ironing the rim. We have now here a rectangle and on one of the long sides, you can't see which one it is, put it in diagonal and see which one is the long side.

The first one is approximately a centimeter; you iron this and then 2.5 cm again. I really don't mind because this is a different measurement, what is really important is that whatever measurement you started with, please keep it nicely and straight.

Looks like this and we do the same on the other side. The first step now is to assemble all 3 pieces together. We take one and put the right side to right side, line up with the cutting edges, then you take the other piece and put it exactly on the opposite onto the square and pin this, too.

The next step, we sew all the way around, that's 4 single seams, don't make the mistake that you sew all in one, I will show you exactly how. Take the pins out, never sew over the pins, that's very dangerous when they break they can hurt you. Final step is to insert now the cushion.

I went to the ironing board, I pressed the whole cover flat and then you squeeze it only like that and put in it all the way into the corner. And that's how to make a pillowcase. .