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How To Make A Pirate Costume

How To Make A Pirate Costume

If you're looking at how to put together the perfect pirate costume this video will show you how. Learn how to make a ruffle pirate shirt and other accessories needed for the perfect pirate costume.

We're now going to tell you how to make the perfect pirate costume. And hopefully this will be because you're going to the perfect pirate party. And you'll end up at a party that's amazing like this.

Here we have a pirate. This pirate is just like a normal pirate. He's sort of like stripy.

The sort of thing you have in your wardrobe at home, but we're going to make you a little bit more exciting because that's an easy option. Stripes are in. So, we're going to start off by giving him a bandana around his head.

If you take a waistcoat. You can use any old waste coat you've got at home, cut the sleeves off it, make it dirty, cut off the pockets. If you're going to be a more new romantic style pirate you can replace your stripy top with a shirt with baggy sleeves.

To make a shirt with baggy sleeves you actually take you're normal ruffle shirt chop it at the arms and add a little bit. You can actually put them in with double gaffer tape or you can stitch them in and make a little bit of a bow in it. You can now take the spotty hanky and put that around the neck.

You can take the spotty hanky off the head and turn it into a Tricorn. Turn the hat into Tricorn. You can kick it through, 3 points very simple.

Use the hat you used to go to Ascot with. How's that? Do we have any feathers?

Yep absolutely.

Take your feather put it in the hat.

Take this netting whatever else it is that you can get your hands on. Make a sash. Piece de resistance is a bangle with a loop of string for the perfect pirate costume. .