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How To Make A Poodle Out Of A Balloon

How To Make A Poodle Out Of A Balloon

Balloon Modelling: Make A Poodle. Jelly Kelly shows us how to twist a balloon into a poodle. You can find more tips in her introduction to balloon modelling.

Step 1: You will need

  • a 260Q balloon a professional pump and a permanent marker pen

Step 2: Blow up

Place the lip of a 260Q balloon over the nib of your pump. Inflate it leaving a 7 inch tail.

Step 3: Tie off

Loop the lip around your fingers, then tuck it through the loop. Gently pull and release to form the knot.

Step 4: The poodle's head

Make a 2 inch bubble for the head. Make a long bubble, then loop and twist it around to meet the head. Push head through loop.

Step 5: Front legs

Twist a small bubble for the neck. Next to this, add a long bubble for one leg then a small bubble for a foot. Twist another small bubble for the other foot and another one the same size as the first leg then twist to lock the legs off.

Step 6: Back legs

Make the body about 3 inches long. Add a pair of hind legs in the same way that you twisted the front pair.

Step 7: The tail

There will be a small bubble left at the end of the balloon on your poodle's bottom. Push half the air to the end of the tail, twisting the middle and holding the bottom bubble until you have made a bubbly tail.

Step 8: Final detail

Finally, draw eyes and a mouth on your poodle's face.

Step 9: Done