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How To Make A Pottery Bowl

How To Make A Pottery Bowl

In this step by step guide professional potter Ricky Grimes shows you how to make a large salad bowl using an electric pottery wheel. All you have to do after this is decorate and fire your bowl.

You Will Need

  • 2.5 kg clay
  • 1 pottery rib
  • pottery wheel
  • 1 bamboo tool
  • 1 pottery needle
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 cut-off wire


Slightly wet the wooden bat and slap the clay in the middle. Turn on the wheel and slap it to get it centred on the wheel.

Put a bit of water on the clay, then turn on the wheel whilst squeezing upwards, then downwards. This will centre the clay and get rid of any air bubbles that might exist.

Once you have made a flattish circle, press down near the edge with your fingers to open up the pot.

Press on the outside of the pot where the clay meets the wooded wheel head using the side of your finger, at the same time, press the inside of the bowl with the fingers of your other hand. Squeeze and move your hands upwards with the wheel turning to create the sides of the bowl. Run the sponge along the rim of the bowl to get it level.

Sponge out the water from the inside of the bowl. Run the wooden rib along the inside of the bowl with your hand on the oustside to smooth and stretch the bowl.

Finish it off by smoothing the rim with the sponge, and trimming off any excess clay around the base with the bamboo tool.

Use the wire cut-off wire to cut the pot free from the wheel.