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How To Make A Princess Cake

How To Make A Princess Cake

This beautifully decorated cake will make your little girl feel like a princess. We've teamed up with expert Sugarcrafter Jan Clement-May and sugarcraft school, Squires Kitchen, to show you how to make it.

Step 1: You will need

  • thick sponge cake
  • buttercream
  • jam
  • sugarpaste icing
  • sugar decorations
  • a plastic doll
  • cling film

Step 2: Shape the cake

Use a sharp knife to trim the top rim of the cake at an angle to create a dome. Cut an indent into the top of the dome.

Step 3: Buttercream

Cover the whole cake in buttercream using a pallette knife. The buttercream will help the sugarpaste to stick to the cake.

Step 4: Icing

Roll out a sheet of sugarpaste icing. When it's flat, roll enough back onto the pin so that you can pick it up. Carefully drape the sheet of icing over the cake, leaving it hanging loose to the edge of the board. If you need to, tweak the loose icing to emphasise the folds and make it look more like a skirt.

Step 5: The princess

Remove the doll's legs - they should just pop off quite easily. Roll her skirt up on itself, and wrap her lower torso in cling film. Make an incision in the icing above the indent at the top of the dome. Push the doll through this incision, into the top of the cake.

Step 6: Decorate

Decorate the princess's skirt using sugar decorations. We've used some sugar roses around her waist, and sugar hearts and crystals on the body of the skirt. Stick them to the icing using edible sugar glue - this is available from any good sugarcraft or baking supplier.