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How To Make A Raspberry Mojito

How To Make A Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito recipe: Learn how to make a fresh, tasty, cool down from the hands of a bartender. In just a few simple steps learn make a cool, pretty, refreshing drink.

Hi my name is Alex, general manager of 64th & Social , and today I'm gong to show you how to make a raspberry mojito. The choice of fruit I've chosen today is raspberry, we're going to add some fresh puree and some fresh raspberry to our drink. Okay to start of it's just the same as any other mojito, some lime chunks and some sugar, I don't think granulated sugar is necessary for this drink because you get a bit of sweetness from our puree here.

You just want add about fifteen milliliters of raspberry puree, get a nice press, get right in there, get all those flavours out. Next we're going to add some of our mint, give it a nice clap, get all that oil and aroma out, smells awesome, nice, and fresh. Next we're going to add some of our crushed ice just to get to the top and next is our base spirit and soda.

I like to mix these two up just so you can get a nice consistency and when you start churning that you churn very well. And to top it off we just got a bit of french rasperry cure, we use briate here in our bar, just a little touch right there.Alright, and we give this a nice mix-up, let's combine all those flavors together, also chilling that glass, all that crushed ice.

Then to top it off with some more crushed ice just to make it look nice and pretty, a nice sprig of mint, give it a nice clap, release all those flavors, aroma and a couple of raspberries in there, nice and pretty. This is definitely one for the ladies, we call in our bar a French tequilla, and there you have it, that how to make a raspberry mojito. .