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How To Make A Realistic Fake Beard

How To Make A Realistic Fake Beard

Learn how to create a very simple fake beard that is great for costumes using the steps in this quick and easy video tutorial.

Alright, now I'm going to show you how to make a beard for fancy dress. Now, this method is really good because you don't have anything hanging around on your face or anything like that. You don't have to worry about elastic or string and it will last for a long time and it's really really unbelievably simple.

In fact, we've only got two things we need. We need a nice thick hair wax. Vaseline may work but it tends to get runny as it gets hot so we really need something nice and thick, and we need a tea bag.

One tea bag is basically enough for one person. Now, what we need to do first is we need to rip open our teabag and put it into our bowl so you see we're going to end up with this sort of brownish greyish beard. Now, we've got to apply the hair wax to the areas you want to be bearded so I'm just going to go with a small beard around my chin.

So, get a nice thick dob of it. Put it all over the chin area and then you just have to apply the tea. So, you get that in your hands, makes it easier with a mirror.

Obviously, I don't have that option now. Hold the bowl under so you don't make a complete mess of the place. Right, so once you've got that on brush off your hands, now if you want to cut it, all you need to do is just a knife or wipe any area clear of the wax and take off any extra bit.

Now, as I said to you, this will stick. Obviously, don't rub it or it will move all over the place and you can have even a mustache if you wanted. Full beard and that is how to make a beard for fancy dress. .