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How To Make A Rubber Band Gun

How To Make A Rubber Band Gun

In this Videojug film you will learn how do a cool science trick! You will learn how to make your own rubber band gun!

In this video I'm going to show you how to make a rubber band gun. Now this is how you build your gun. Start by having your pinky finger and put the rubber band over where the first joint is and then hook your finger like that.

Then you want to pull the band around your wrist, around the front of your thumb, and then you want to attach it to the end of your forefinger. Make sure it's nice and secure. Keep the thumb up like your gun and this is how you fire it.

When you're ready, you've found your target, you need to release your pinky finger like so. Just like that. Now that we know how to use our gun I think we should go find a target. .