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How To Make A Shamballa Bracelet

How To Make A Shamballa Bracelet

In this step by step guide Jessica Rose, a jewellery maker from the London Jewellery School, shows you how to make a beautiful shamballa bead knotted bracelet.

You Will Need

  • 1mm thick wax cord
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • shamballa beads
  • black beads
  • araldite or super glue


Cut three 1 metre long lengths of the waxed cord and tie them together loosely. Stick the ends of your cords to a table with the masking tape, then spread out the three cords.

Take the left hand cord and lay it across the other two, take the right hand cord and place it over the left hand cord, then thread the right hand cord under the other two cords and through the loop you have created on the left. Pull the knot tight.

The second half of the knot is the same process but done the opposite way around, so instead of going over the cords, you go under. Take the cord on the left and place it under the other two cords, place the right cord under the left cord, then go over with your right cord and thread it through the loop on the left.

Keep tying knots in the pattern: over-over-under, then under-under-over.

After you have done a bit of knotting you can add shamballa beads. Thread them onto your middle cord, tie a few knots as before, then add another bead. Once you have added all the beads, carry on knotting to mirror what you did at the beginning.

When you have finished, remove the tape from the table and turn the bracelet over. Tie a regular knot with the two side cords, then dab a bit of glue on the knot and leave it to dry. You can now cut off the excess cord on the two sides. Repeat this process on the other end.

Cut the two ends down so they are the same length. Cut a new piece of cord of approximately 1 metre. To make the sliding knot, place the two ends across each other, with the new piece of cord across the middle. Use the same knotting technique, but this time with the two end cords in the middle, and the new piece of cord as the side cords.

Once you have done a row of knots, finish it the same way as you finished the other ends, with a dab of glue on the back, then cutting off the side strings.

Attach the end beads to the free cords by tying a knot, putting your bead on, then tying another knot. Cut the ends off and leave for 24 hours to dry.