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How To Make A Shoe

How To Make A Shoe

This is me showing you how to make a shoe What you need.... (1) Cling Film (2) Cello Tape (two rolls like the ones in the video) (3) A shoe with a non shinny surface (4) A pair of scissors

Step 1: Wrap the shoe up until it is covered

Don't close over the hole.. because you will need to get the shoe out of the mould

Step 2: Once you are happy with the amount of layers...

Step 3: carefully prise the layer rim from the actual shoe so that you can cut

Step 4: Cut so each side and front of the shoe

Step 5: When you are happy with the cuts you can now gently prise the mould off the actual shoe

Step 6: Once you have prise the mould off completely you will end op with a glass like shoe!

Step 7: Straighten out any possible dents that you might get while taking the mould off!

Step 8: Once you have done that tape up the areas that you have cut!