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How To Make A Silver Ring

How To Make A Silver Ring

If you're interested in making jewellery, then you might want to try silver. Here are the steps and tools you need to make a silver ring.

Hi, I'm Jessica from the London Jewellery School and today, I'm going to show you how to make some jewellery. For this project, you will need some scrap cards, a texture plate, some 1,000 grit emery paper, and 500 grit emery paper, a piece of silver sheet which is 9.7 mm thick, 1.

5 cm wide and around 10 cm long, a firing block, some brass tweezers, a hand torch, some glanol polish, some tissue, round nose pliers, half round nose pliers, a mandrel and a mallet. First of all, we need to heat up our strip of silver which is cold and kneeling. Point your torch towards the fire brick and turn on the gas, then click on to produce the flame.

You're going to do long strokes in order to heat it up. If you have a larger torch, you may need to hold the torch further away from the silver. Once you've got it nice and hot, you can turn off the torch and place it down.

Then, we're going to put it into some cold water which is called quenching which will instantly cool our piece. If you have time, simply leave it to cool down. Don't be alarmed by the noise and always use a heat-proof bowl when quenching.

Now, I can pick the piece up and you'll see it has gone black and it's got lots of different colors on there. We can now put it in a pickle pot to get rid of the oxidization. So, I'm going to take my piece and put it in the pickle.

Pickle is a light acid solution and it's a safety acid, so it's not too dangerous but you don't want to touch it or get it in your eyes, and you always use brass tweezers for putting your silver into the pickle. So, I'm just going to lift off the lid and pop it in there and we'll come back in 5 or 10 minutes and it should be nice and white. So, I have taken my piece out of the pickle and given it a quick wash and as you can see, all the black has come off and I've got my brass texture plate and just a piece of card.

So, I'm going to place my silver on to the brass texture plate where I want it to take the texture and I'm going to wrap them both in a piece of card. And this is a rolling mill which I'm going to use to transfer the texture on to my silver. So, I set it at the right size which you can do by adjusting the wheel on the top and I'm going to feed through my pieces and turn the reel around.

Now, if it goes through quite easily like this, you might needs to do it again a little bit harder. So, I'm just going to bring the mill down a little bit and go again, and one more time, and what's happening is that it's going through the mill, it's pushing the brass on to the silver and the silver is taking the texture that's on the brass. Okay, so now I'm finished, I can take my silver out and have a look and I'm going to turn it over and do a texture on the other side as well.

Now, I'm going to use the same texture so I'm going to repeat exactly the same process again. Great! Now, I can take my silver out and it's got a nice texture on it and that's that stage. So, now that I've got this lovely texture on my piece, I'm going to polish it and then I'm going to shape it.

So, I'm going to start with the 500 grit emery paper. This is the maximum grit that you want to use to polish your piece because we don't want to get rid of the texture and I'm just going to be rubbing up and down to bring about a shine. Now, if you want a demure shine, you can work your way through all of the grits, you go from 500 down to 600 to 800 to 1,000 and finish at 1,200.

But I'm just going to use 2 different kinds just to show you and we're going to finish with the metal polish. You can also repeat the same process for the inside if you'd like the inside of your ring to be shiny too. And now, I'm going to use a glanol metal polish to give it a final shine and I've just got a bit of kitchen paper, and only a little bit, I'm going to put that on there and rub it on to the piece.

And this stuff really makes my shine. You have to rub quite hard to get a good effect. You can see how it brings out the shi