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How To Make A Skateboard Ramp

How To Make A Skateboard Ramp

Learn how to build a skateboard ramp, it can even be done in your own home. Bryce Campbell, professionaly skateboarder, tells you how to make it with sufficuent flat bottom and the right transition.

Hello, I'm Bryce Campbell sponsored skate boarder. I've been skating for ten years now. I'm going to talk to you about how to build a skate board ramp yourself which it can be quite ideal if you are living somewhere out in a rural area, or somewhere you might need something to skateboard on.

You can make yourself a moving ramp within the confinement of your own house . So if you have a look at this ramp, this is the ramp at LCB in London. This is a two foot micromini.

It's a good basis for turning your ramp, I can show you the small space where you can pull your ramp. So we have transitions on each side, there is a quarter pipe when joined together which makes a half pipe, which is the ramp. So you got cooping on here and got plywood here and you got your side paneling and this is most important part of building the ramp.

If you want to get some nice pack plywood here you're going to string draw a transition that starts that you are going to mimic on the other side, now that is going to determine on how you cut that out is which is going to determine the transition of the ramp. If you want to start quite mellow, not too harsh, not too quickly. So it's all in the shape.

I mean on the top we got plywood here - this is angled plywood to cut to fit and get screwed in. The screws need to be flat so that when you're rolling up the ramp you don't catch your wheels on it on top. You have your platform, you need sufficient space.

Just under the link of the deck, that will give you space to be able to come up on to the platform with your skateboard, turn back in and what not. You need sufficient flat bottom because when you're coming down the ramp you want to have enough flat bottom. Or that you have got just enough speed to get up the ramp but not too much speed to go up over the ramp.

So its very important that you use correct amount of flat space so that your ramp will work sufficiently for you. That is how you build a skate board ramp.
Skateboard is a fun sport.

Here we come to know how to build a skateboard of our own which i think is the best thing.We can build it in our own home.