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How To Make A Skeleton Costume

How To Make A Skeleton Costume

Opting for a skeleton costume on Halloween? You don't need to buy one with this video's styling bits and pieces on how to have an equally bony costume.

Step 1: Halloween Costumes

Hi, I’m Claire Wacey and I’m a personal stylist. And today, I’m going to show you how to make your own Halloween costumes. For anything that you don’t find in these videos, go to my website for more style tips on Halloween outfits.

Step 2: Skeleton Costume

Hi, today I’m going to talk to you about how to make a skeleton costume ready for Halloween. Obviously, skeleton costumes are really really expensive to buy. This is a perfect example of one that you can buy on the high street, but you’re looking at spending about 45 to 50 pounds just for a skeleton costume like this.

Step 3: Making The Costume

However, you can get the skeleton masks and have them much much cheaper. So, I would recommend buying perhaps just a mask and then making your own costume and it’s not that hard. What you need is a black t-shirt and black trousers. I’ve just gone for this really nice flattering neckline of a t-shirt because I like to always look stylish and flattering, and then I would just add a pair of black leggings or you could even do a whole leotard as a look and that’s fine. But make sure you’ve got as much skin covered as possible with black material because the best way to create a skeleton costume is to have a really nice simple black canvass you could then start building on.

Step 4: Find Skeleton Pictures

Then, you need to go online, get your image of a skeleton, so you’ve got the exact markings of where all the bones need to go and then you need to just make sure that you can cut out or create these bones on your blank canvas.

Step 5: Create The Skeleton Shape

So, what I’ve done is I’ve got three different options on how you can create your skeleton on a basic black canvas. So the first option is cut out some bone shapes. This is just white paper I’ve cut out, really really basic bone shape. Obviously, you want to follow your picture as closely as possible. Now, I’ve just put some sticky tape on that but what I would do is position your bone shapes in the right position. So, I’m going to use this one at the top part of the arm and I’m going to do it on the other side as well, and then I’m just sticking them down but then what you would do is you could either safety pin them, you could superglue that kind of material, you could even get them ironed on the material which would work in the same way or you could just tap them on with a little bit of needle and thread. Then, we’re going to look at doing the example of rib bones. These are really long rib bones but you’d probably take them a little bit shorter, I thought my model was a little bit bigger. And then what you want to do is just get everything in place so that you can create a fantastic skeleton shape.

Step 6: Bones

Now, if you think that cutting out lots of different bone shapes is going to be a little bit too much work for you, no worries. What you could use is just a simple bit of masking tape for example. It’s not going to last quite as long but what you can do is cut off using this white tape and build your skeleton around it. So for example, you could create your collarbone coming down like that. Just stick it straight on to the material. Even more of a cheat option is to actually use a spray-on fabric color. Now, you can get these from pretty much any shop that does any type of haberdasheries, so you can get a white or you could get silver which would be really nice for a slightly more glam evening look. You could follow the pattern that you printed out from your skeleton and you spray it on the body. Now, what I would suggest is get a friend to come and help you put the clothes on your body and do each bone at a time. When you spray it on, it’s much quicker. It’s much easier to follow a pattern but it does destroy the clothes whereas this option means that you can take the bits off and you still got your t-shir