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How To Make A Slimming Tea

How To Make A Slimming Tea

In this VideoJug film, expert tea sommelier Jemma Swallow from The Tea Box, shows you how to brew a perfect pot of Pu-ehr tea. This aged, vintage tea is well-known for its properties as a slimming tea.

Hi, I'm Jemma Swallow from The Tea Box in Richmond, Surrey. I'm a tea sommelier at the specialist tea house where we serve and sell around fifty loose leaf teas. We also do corporate tea tastings and public tea tastings.

Today, I'm going to show you the variety of teas that we sell here at the shop. I'm now going to show you how to make a slimming tea. A Pu-ehr tea is renowned for its slimming properties.

It's an aged vintage tea. This one here I have in my hand has been aged for about twelve years. It's called a mini Pu-ehr cake.

So, I unwrap my cake and put it in our teapot. I put on the water and I'm doing this to break down the Pu-ehr cake which I'll do gradually as the water infuses in it to actually break into the loose leaf and form that once again. Slowly letting off its infusions, its colors, its liquor, will get more golden and we'll have to leave that just for, maybe a few minutes, just so it can do that by itself.

Right now, four minutes, a few minutes have passed. And there's a lovely woody, woody sort of smoky smell from the pot. And I'm now going to go and drain off the liquor off this.

And this leaves us now, now I've drained off the liquor, with a perfectly loose leaf tea that I can now infuse. I'll do that with a temperature of about 98 degrees. Because it's an aged tea, it can't really get damaged too much.

And you can actually infuse this tea, probably three, four, five times. It retains its flavor. But I'll leave it probably for a few minutes now, for about three or four minutes, so I can drink my first cup.

So now, I'm going to pour my first cup of Pu-ehr tea. And as you can see, it's a lovely light golden brown colour with a lovely aroma. .