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How To Make A Slingshot

How To Make A Slingshot

Today, we join Dale Collete, an outdoor survival expert, out in the great outdoors! He'll be showing us how to craft your own slingshot using only a few tools and a forked stick from any nearby tree. All your hard work will pay off when you make your own slingshot like a professional in the wilderness!

I'm going to show you how to make a slingshot. First of all, I'll take you through all the bits and pieces you need to make a slingshot. There are a number of different materials you can use for the actual power bands, just two I've got here.

One is inner tube which I've cut up. Another is specifically made power band for a slingshot. Also, we've got dental floss, a knife, and a saw.

You also need to find a suitable piece of wood to create your slingshot with. I've got my saw, and I think I've got something behind me that might be useful. This is hazel.

‘Guess I'm in the hazel woodland. If you look in the tops of the branches, you can bend them quite easily. You'll see where it forks off here.

What you'll need is a forked branch where the forks are pretty much the same size, and you need to cut and section it to make your slingshot with. I'm going to take my saw, open it up, and I'm going to make a cut about here to cut this end off. Now, when I'm cutting with the saw, I want to be safe.

If you cut quite vigorously with the saw, it could jump out and slice your hand. One way to limit this is to put your finger on the top, because the top is completely safe, and, that way, it stops your saw from jumping out. Start cutting slowly and gently, and let the weight of the saw do the work, and, eventually, that will fall off.

Now, I need to take this off here and here. You can do the same, again, but there's less tension on it, so if I needed to, I can now cut with my arm across, like that, if you feel more comfortable doing that, because some people feel uncomfortable when their hands and fingers are near a saw. What I'm going to do is I'm going to mark up, probably, about an index finger's length on each side, so it'll be the same on each side.

I'm just going to put in a little nick with my knife, then I'm going to do the same on this one here. Just carving in here like this, make a little stop-cut, and carve it just to knock out the fibers. So, that's roughly about level.

Then, what I need to do is carve some recesses on either side where those marks are, so the bands will wrap around the wood and doesn't have to go around the full circumference, so it goes through a narrower bit, therefore making it just a bit tighter, so I'm going to just carve those in there. Okay, so I've carved in the two recesses here, and here, where the power bands are going to be located. I now need to cut these to length.

I'm just going to cut mine off about half a centimeter above each one. I use my saw for this. I'm going to place the wood between my legs and grip it, place the saw there.

Again, putting my finger on top of the saw, making sure my thumb is underneath. Okay, now we've come to the point where we need to lash the power bands onto the forked stick. We're going to use dental floss for this.

There's a really, really important knot you need to use for this, and I'm going to show you how to tie it with a thicker cord, like this, because it'd be a bit difficult to see it with dental floss. It's a knot called the constrictor knot. Basically, you take your piece of cord, make a loop in it, like this.

Once you've got that loop, take this piece, pass it underneath this part, and over the top. You see how the two flip together to make a constrictor knot which is a really tight nonslip knot. So, that's your constrictor now, and then we're going to lash power bands onto the wood using dental floss.

About an inch of the power band bent over, like that, and I'm going to make a constriction knot, put it around this, here. I'll do that with the dental floss. This dental floss is so thin, but the great part about it is that it's really, really strong.

So I've made a constrictor knot there, going to fold about an inch of the power band over, put that around, hold on end with my teeth, slide it into where I need it, and then pull it up. Now, once you've done that, because dental floss is waxed, and is jus