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How To Make A Slipknot

How To Make A Slipknot

The British Bushcraft School is giving away tips on how to tie up your very own slipknot. It's a very useful knot that, we know, will come in very handy someday.

I'm just going to show you a knot today. It's called the "Even Slippery Hitch" otherwise known as a "Slipknot", really useful knot for around camp situations, tying up tops, putting up hammocks. A special advantage is that you don't need to take your gloves off when tying.

You can even tie it when you've got mittens on which is where this knot originally comes from. Okay, what you have when you're tying a knot, I always have what I call a "Live End" and a "Dead End". This is the Live End here, this may go to a tarp or a hummock and this is the Dead End here.

What I do is I wrap it around a sturdy branch, place my hand underneath like that and make sure I have lots of free rope here to play with. I wrap the dead end around my hand once, point it down to the ground; at which point, you see where I am clamping the live end with my thumb, I let that go so it drops off where they're all crossing over each other. Then I point my hand to the sky and then reach through the loop around my hand, grab the dead end and then pull it through, pulling it up tight, and then when I pull that up to the tree, it pulls up really tightly, like that and won't slip until, of course, you want to undo it.

Just pull on the dead end here and it pops undone. Now, if you're using this to tie up a hammock, what you can do for a bit of extra security, is when you tied it, like this, is to take the dead end and pull it through this loop just to make sure that it doesn't come undone by accident, because you do not want a rude awakening in the middle of the night. When you need to undo it, again, just pull the dead end there in the loop.

Pop it undone, there you go. .