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How To Make A Small Illusion Magic Trick

How To Make A Small Illusion Magic Trick

Professional magician Peter Jest shows you how to make a super solid-thru-solid pocket illusion with two everyday objects you probably already have in the home. Youngster's may need adult supervision while making this trick.

Step 1: Meet professional Peter Jest:

Hi! Peter Jest here! And I'm going to show you how to make the world's smallest illusion. But before we start, if there are any young children watching this. Please remember that knives and pins can harm you, so, if you like this, please get a grown-up to make this for you. Now, to make the world's smallest illusion, you need a safety pin, a large matchstick, and something to cut the matchstick with.

Step 2: Cut the match stick:

You just need to cut the matchstick to leave about two and a half inches. And all you need to do is find the centre point of the match and secure the pin right in the centre there, like so. Now you very carefully push the pin through the matchstick. Take your time, because you do not want the wood to split or become too large.

Step 3: The world's smallest illusion:

Here we have it. Now, I'm ready to show the world's smallest illusion. That is solid, and that is solid. And it pops right through. The world's smallest illusion. I'll do it one more time. You can amaze your friend by showing this solid through solid illusion.

Step 4: Practice the trick:

But it's just an illusion, because when you hit this, it's bouncing back off this and spinning around like that, but it is too quick for your eyes to see. Now you all you have to do is practice the amount you have to give to flick. It's a really good illusion you can have a lot of fun with. Now, obviously, eventually, this matchstick will break, but it's very easy to make another one. If you like this and want something that looks a little more professional, I sell a more sophisticated version using a plastic wand with white tips. And you can buy these off my website www.closeupmagic.info.

Step 5: Thanks for watching:

It's one of the neatest little tricks that I know, and I always carry one of these around with me. So, I hope you like and enjoy making the world's smallest illusion. Thank you for watching.